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One of the most developed destinations on Bahrain's Amwaj Islands is The Lagoon. Nestled in the center of the island is this beautiful destination that offers everything from ample of indoor and outdoor opportunities, pulsating nightlife and a lustful of events for the guests to enjoy.

When you walk on the Lagoon, you will get a feel of London's Covent Garden and the Cockle Wharf in Sydney. The waterfront complex is well developed to meet the needs of residents and visitors. With more than 55,000 meter square commercial place, the island is a beautiful shopping, dining and entertainment hub ideal for residents and tourists alike.

What makes the Lagoon so popular is its event calendar, which features year-round cultural events, festivals and social activities. Guests will find many art and photography exhibitions, open air markets, outdoor parks with biking trails and huge shopping centers offering awesome choices for shoppers looking for retail therapy. Nearby department stores, cinema and food court are other top amenities in the commercial zone too.

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